Own your story

In todays world, being "SELFISH" is seen as a negative. Let's change that. It's time to end the negative connotation and be proud of putting ourselves first.


  • simple, elegant bracelet, very empowering message and it helps me through my everyday, Ashley puts her heart and soul in her jewelry & she takes the time to respond to her messages on instagram


  • The necklace is everything I wanted and expected! It’s incredibly simple, but stands it enough that I get compliments repeatedly on how pretty it is! I love this necklace and will be wearing it daily. Also, shipping was incredibly fast!!! 10/10 purchase and experience !

    Ria Mickens

  • I have been wearing this necklace non-stop for a little under a month. I shower with it, workout with it and it still shines perfectly! No problems at all and the complements I get keep coming ! Thanks Ashley ! I absolutely love it !

    Dolly Vega